Potassium Permanganate Impregnated Media

HS-600 Benefits

  • Oxidizes acid gases, fumes & odors
  • More permanganate
  • Increased lifespan of computers /
    servers and other electrical equipment
  • Reduced equipment replacement costs
  • Reduces rotting of organic produce
  • Better air quality with less odor
  • Longer service life of 50-100%
    that of activated alumina
  • Substantially less dust than alumina
    air filter media
  • Lower cost contaminant removal
    per PPM
  • Non-flammable and safe
  • 80% more active ingredient

Hydrosil’s HS-600 is a highly efficient and cost effective media
for eliminating corrosive gas and airborne pollutants. Once placed in
air dryers, scrubber tanks, air / exhaust systems or computer labs,
HS-600 will oxidize acid gases or airborne pollutants in its vicinity.
This protects and extends the lifespan of capital equipment and
organic produce. HS-600 can also eliminate unpleasant odors
and improve the air quality in workplaces and public spaces.

More active ingredients and longer lifespan.

HS-600 comprises of a unique molecular sieve impregnated with
6% permanganate and 80% more active ingredients than other air
filtration media . This proprietary technology enables HS-600
to consistently oxidize o wide variety of corrosive gases, including,
vinyl chloride, hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide, formaldehyde,
ethylene and various other aldehydes and alcohols . HS·600
produces substantially less dust and hos o much longer
lifespan than competitive media, offering long-term cost savings in
the effective elimination of corrosive gas.

Industrial Applications

  • Pulp and paper mills
  • Refineries / Chemical plants
  • Waste waler treatment
  • Odor control
  • Fresh fruit, vegetable and flower storage
  • Steel and metal producers
  • Ground water remediation
  • Airports, museums and other public buildings
Potassium Permanganate HS-600