Carbon Reactivation & Disposal Services

Part of what makes activated carbon so attractive is its versatility to be recycled, or as known in the industry “reactivated” once your media has been expended, our specialist can begin the process of reactivation or other disposal method.

  • Reactivation involves heating the used carbon in a high temperature furnace. This will vaporize the existing contaminants and restore the original pore structure of the carbon allowing it to be reused by you.
  • Should your carbon be classified as hazardous, it may also be disposed safely by using it as fuel in cement kilns (cement production industrial machines). This allows the expended carbon to be burnt up.
  • Should your carbon be deemed not hazardous, it is allowed to be disposed of in an industrial landfill as long as it is handled correctly.

Choose CFS for custom reactivation of your carbon or to ensure proper disposal of the expended material.

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